Second project meeting: a user journey into the SOTER tools

On 22-23 July 2020, SOTER partners held an online project meeting to discuss the project’s overall progress and the current development status of the project tools.

SOTER takes a holistic approach for improved cybersecurity defence in the financial sector, developing a biometric-based identification and authentication Digital Onboarding Platform, coupled with a sector-specific education and awareness training programme that addresses human factor-based aspects of organisational and operational cybersecurity.

SOTER project meeting

The event was divided into two sessions, one to present and discuss the tech tools being developed, while the second session was dedicated to the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) aspects of the project, as well as plans for scientific dissemination of the project results.

During the first session, partners looked at the onboarding process from a technical and architectural point of view, with a step by step focus on what the user experiences on their device versus what happens technically “behind the scenes”.

SOTER adopts Security- and Privacy-by-Design methodologies and Q&A sessions followed each presentation to further discuss how to make sure the different components of the platform meet crucial security standards while respecting privacy and data protection.

SOTER trainings

The second session focused on the human factor-based cybersecurity aspects, and how our cybersecurity training modules will cover different topics, levels of detail and approaches in order to increase cybersecurity competence of employees and managers.

The meeting was also an opportunity for the Consortium to meet the Liberbank partners, who have joined the project in June 2020. As the main end-user within the project, they will be defining the pilot use cases for

  • testing the developed technology in real settings (pilot case #1) and
  • cybersecurity awareness training (pilot case #2).

Finally, as the tools begin to take shape, the partners discussed opportunities for disseminating their results, including topics and avenues for publications, collaboration with related EU projects, and potential events to attend (if/when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted).


Author: Corinna Pannofino, Trilateral Research

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