Emerging Cybersecurity Standards for the Finance Sector in Europe: Join our Online Symposium

We are delighted to announce the Emerging Cybersecurity Standards for the Finance Sector in Europe Symposium which will take place on 27 November 2020.

Cybersecurity has increasingly become a topic of major concern throughout all economic sectors. The changing technological landscape demands continual efforts on the development of secure IT architectures and safeguards against criminal attempts to gain access and control over digital assets. This also goes beyond focussed technological efforts, as many incidents have shown that human behaviour often poses as a critical vulnerability for organisations. Global efforts therefore have increased to improve standards, guidelines, and regulations to enable high levels of resilience, especially in critical infrastructures.

The symposium will include a first session where H2020 projects SOTERCRITICAL-CHAINS and FIN-TECH will present their research on cybersecurity in the finance sector, followed by a second session where stakeholders from the sector will discuss their current challenges and needs with regard to cybersecurity and standardisation.

The workshop is free and open to all stakeholders in the financial services sector and anyone with an interest in cybersecurity.

Register here to join.


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