Improving Cybersecurity in the Finance Sector – Key takeaways from the SOTER final conference

After almost three years of collaborations and hard work, the SOTER project has come to an end.

On 23 February 2022, the consortium held the project’s final conference to present its Digital Onboarding Platform and the research findings resulting from SOTER’s interdisciplinary cybersecurity training approach.

Unable to host the event at NTT DATA ES’s Living Lab facilities in Spain because of the pandemic, partners had to organise it remotely, using an online conference platform. Despite the event being digital, new ways were investigated to create an engaging conference experience for all participants.

The customised space allowed participants to interact with each other and, most importantly, to explore, almost like in reality, private stands, booths, and areas where they could watch our videos, browse the project website, download the SOTER Training Handbooks, flyers and more.

Stands for each project partner were also set up, allowing members of the consortium to share promotional material and information about their organisations with attendees visiting their booth.

The virtual space for the conference also included a private area dedicated to other H2020 projects for people to explore, a main conference area where the presentations took place, coffee areas for participants to interact, and helpdesk for supporting attendees experiencing potential technical difficulties with the platform.

Almost 50 people attended the conference which included a morning session with a general presentation of the project, a demo of the Digital Onboarding Platform, and presentations on SOTER’s human factor cybersecurity interdisciplinary training approach. The morning session also included presentations from other related H2020 projects (CyberSec4Europe and CONCORDIA) who joined the conference for a shared session in which their main results were presented and discussed.

The event closed in the afternoon with a meeting of the Human Factors Cybersecurity Training Standard (HFACTS) working group. The aim of the meeting was to discuss ways and opportunities to carry on the work of SOTER, exploring avenues for establishing reliable best practices and standards for improving human factor-related cybersecurity.

If you are interested but were unable to join, you can see the presentations here, watch our videos, download our Training Handbooks, or please contact us to receive more information about the project and our results.



Corinna Pannofino, Trilateral Research

Ana Gonzalez Segura, NTT DATA

For more information about SOTER visit the project website and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.