Accertify is the leading provider of frictionless digital identity, e-commerce fraud prevention, dispute management, intelligent authentication, and online payment gateway solutions. Accertify has created a digital network of trust, allowing businesses to truly trust who is on the other end of a transaction, without risk of fraud or impacting the user experience.

Accertify’s layered risk platform, machine learning backbone, and rich reputational community data enable clients to address risk pain points across the entire customer journey.

Accertify Device analyzes devices to ensure trust with those interacting within digital channels. The device data gives critical information to help:

  • Verify identity – Is this the device the customer typically uses?
  • Assess and mitigate risk – Is the device is safe to transact with?
  • Optimize the customer experience – Accertify Device enables trusted customers to transact with less friction, allowing them to do more with digital channels
  • Improve Operating Processes and Reduce Cost – Digital intelligence provided by Accertify Device allows companies to automate more of the risk assessments and reduce manual review processes and costly step-up authentication methods delivered through SMS and email. Key insights into device riskiness also allows companies to prevent fraud from happening in the first place, reducing overall fraud losses.

Accertify’s main role within SOTER will be providing device intelligence as a part of the Digital Onboarding platform, contributing to the SOTER platform’s verification and fraud prevention strategy. Accertify will also provide device intelligence expertise to dissemination and communication activities including research and future publications.


James Palmer
Director, Client Success EMEA

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