Everis Aerospace, Defense and Security

everis Aerospace, Defense and Security (everis Aeroespacial & Defensa) offers differential solutions integrating innovative technologies developed by them, by the SMEs they invest in and by the partners with whom they have strategic alliances. The company combines the strength and background of everis Group with the flexibility and the adaptive capacities of its technological SMEs. This way, they provide the market with state-of-the-art products and services in areas such as defense, aviation, security, simulation and space.

everis Aerospace & Defence combines the solidity of a multinational leader with twenty years of experience and thousands of employees, with the agility, flexibility and innovative capacity of SMEs that are part of the group, operating in leading-edge technological sectors, such as developing and manufacturing drones and design simulators and implementing biometric systems.

everis (ADS) will have a key role in SOTER, precisely:

  • Integration of our in house developed software solutions for biometric identification and document verification into the SOTER solution by adapting it to the enrollment platform requirements.
  • Security related topics: from security related aspects of the system risk assessment and security measures definition to security audit, and security related trainings for users. everis Aeroespacial y Defensa will lead the security incident monitoring and response processes elaboration and implementation in the SOTER platform.

Additionally, we will contribute to the common tasks, such as, dissemination and project management according our areas of expertise.


Luis Ignacio Arranz Ramos
Cyber Security Manager

Eliseo Venegas Mayoral
Junior Analyst Cybersecurity

Alvaro Romero Gomez 
Cybersecurity Analyst

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