InAuth is a company that operates over 6 continents globally and has offices in Santa Monica, Chicago, Mexico City, London, Sydney & Singapore. As of December 2016, InAuth is a wholly-owned American Express subsidiary.

InAuth analyzes devices to ensure trust with those interacting within digital channels. The device data gives critical information to help:

  • Verify identity – Is this the device the customer typically uses?
  • Assess and mitigate risk – Is the device is safe to transact with?
  • Optimize the customer experience – InAuth enables trusted customers to transact with less friction, allowing them to do more with digital channels
  • Improve Operating Processes and Reduce Cost – Digital intelligence provided by InAuth allows companies to automate more of the risk assessments and reduce manual review processes and costly step-up authentication methods delivered through SMS and email. Key insights into device riskiness also allows companies to prevent fraud from happening in the first place, reducing overall fraud losses.

Our three main products are:

  • InMobile® – Enhanced Authentication and Fraud Prevention for Mobile Applications
  • InBrowser® – Next Generation Browser Intelligence & Protection
  • InRisk® – Device Analysis & Risk Assessment through Business Rules

InAuth’s main role within SOTER will be providing the device data to help identify users as a part of the Digital Onboarding platform. Our products will be used as part of the tool and contribute to the verification and fraud prevention strategy that the tool will be used for.

InAuth will also provide device intelligence expertise and identity techniques to dissemination and communication activities including research and future publications.


James Palmer
Client Services Director

Charlotte Kelly
Client Services Project Manager

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