NTT DATA SPAIN is an international large company that offers its clients comprehensive business solutions covering all aspects of the value chain, from business strategy to systems implementation. NTT DATA SPAIN was established in Spain in 1996 as DMR Consulting, its name remaining until October 2006. Since January 2014, EVERIS SPAIN SLU became part of the NTT Data group, which enables it to offer a wider range of solutions and services through increased capacity, as well as technological, geographical, and financial resources.

As an ICT provider, NTT DATA SPAIN is organised in sectors, from the business point of view, and we count on several technological key lines (cloud, blockchain and artificial intelligence in particular). Thanks to our dual nature, technological and business oriented, we can act as facilitators, providing a common place for technology solutions and their potential end users. From a business perspective, NTT DATA SPAIN covers actions in economic sectors such as Industry, Utilities, Public Administration, Healthcare, Insurance, Media, Telecom and Banking.

The Banking sector is one of NTT DATA SPAIN’s key markets. We count among our clients important banks in more than 10 different countries, with different technological platforms. We provide them a full range of solutions helping them to offer new products and services to their clients on the frame of the Digital Transformation, participating in integration operations related to IT Banking, from selection platforms to merger processes support.

As the SOTER coordinator, NTT DATA SPAIN leads the project management providing its experience in coordinating R&I projects and putting at SOTER consortium’s disposal the capacities of a large company. This experience and our market positioning justify the leadership for exploitation. Moreover, taking into account its role as a technical partner, NTT DATA SPAIN will be the leader of the cybersecurity improvement in SOTER’s Digital Onboarding platform, according to the high level expertise in blockchain. NTT DATA SPAIN also participates in the use cases and cybersecurity awareness, as an expert in digital transformation in the finance sector. Activities related to cybersecurity training in finance as well as dissemination and communication also count on NTT DATA SPAIN’s participation, in particular concerning the activities to be developed within the NTT DATA SPAIN Living Lab, a training and event hosting space.



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