Research Industrial Systems Engineering

The Research Industrial Systems Engineering GmbH (RISE) is an internationally established and recognized IT service provider with more than 25 years of IT experience in planning, IT architecture, IT infrastructure, IT strategy on the one hand, and software development, smart piloting, project and risk management on the other. RISE has designed, inspired or built many smart small-sized systems, but also very large and complex IT systems.

Big commercial banks, national banks, central banks, several insurances, associations for the protection of creditors and stock exchanges are clients of RISE in the sector of financial services.

RISE supports ESSE (Establishing Security), a dedicated security team, which focusses on security analysis and inspection, security engineering, system and security monitoring, anomaly detection, intrusion detection, building dependable systems with open source technologies and process models and enterprise security.

In the SOTER project, RISE is responsible for developing, conducting and evaluating training actions for employees in the finance sector. The goal of those training actions is to enhance the resilience of financial institutions, fintechs and third-party providers against cyber-attacks (esp. with a focus on human aspects of cybersecurity). RISE is also responsible for the innovation management.


Martin Griesbacher
Principal investigator, Manager & Specialist for Human Aspects of Cybersecurity

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