The University of Graz

The University of Graz, which was founded in 1585, is Austria’s second oldest university and one of the largest in the country. Many excellent scientists, amongst them six Nobel laureates, have taught and researched here.

With 31,000 students and 4,300 employees, the University of Graz contributes significantly to the vibrating life of the Styrian capital. Its location in Europe encourages a lively scientific, economic and cultural exchange with South-East Europe, from which not only the city benefits, but also its educational institutions.

Within the SOTER project, the University of Graz will provide deep knowledge on human behavior, expertise on hands-on training for increasing cybersecurity levels in traditional financial institutions as well as fintechs. Additionally, the University of Graz will research and describe the legal and technical context in which the SOTER project takes place. This will support the overall success of the project fundamentally and contribute critically to the market acceptance of the final product.


Prof. Tina Ehrke-Rabel
Project Manager, Institute for Financial Law

Eva Griesbacher
Institute for Social Sciences

Nora Schreier
Institute of Tax and Fiscal Law

Paul Rabel
Institute of Tax and Fiscal Law

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