Trilateral Research

Trilateral Research is a UK and IE-based enterprise, founded in 2004. Our rigorous research is at the foundation of our work.

We provide regulatory and policy advice; develop new data-driven technologies and contribute to the latest standards in safeguarding privacy, ethics and human rights within the public and private sector.

Our teams collaborate across the technology-social disciplinary divide, being able to assess the impact of emerging technologies to avoid adverse and unwanted consequences while delivering sustainable innovation.

We focus our efforts on areas where the application of our research can make a difference in enhancing societal wellbeing.

Trilateral Research’s main work within SOTER focuses on mapping and understanding human factors in effective cyber-security and conducting an integrated data protection and ethical impact assessment of SOTER technologies to ensure that the developed tools meet requirements around responsible research practice as well as EU legal and ethical principles, including privacy.

Trilateral Research is also leading the development and implementation of the project’s dissemination and communication plans to raise awareness of SOTER and its findings, while increasing the impact of the project.


Rachel Finn
Principal investigator, Practice Manager

Robin Renwick
Research Analyst

Corinna Pannofino
Senior Research Communications Officer

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