Trunomi is a patented Consent & Permissions Management technology that is unlike anything that exists today.

Trunomi drives an unprecedented level of transparency, understanding and insight around the processing of customer data, while de-risking the handling of raw personal and sensitive Data. Build intelligence, grow trust and generate revenue – without ever sharing the raw customer data with Trunomi.

Trunomi’s patented TruCert™ and TruID technology allows businesses to record, track, analyse, audit and prove Customer Consent, Permissions and Attestations without Trunomi ever seeing or storing the businesses Customer Data. TruCert™ technology captures an immutable, granular, time-stamped record of Consent, Permissions and Attestations so as to allow easy-audit from a single screen, reduce downstream processing risk, and to prove compliance with existing and future Global Data Privacy Regulations.

The data storage and management of the SOTER platform will be based on Trunomi’s solution, which follows a Privacy-by-Design approach and will be flexible and easy to integrate for both future and historic data.

In addition, Trunomi will provide SOTER customers with rights to access, rectify and delete their data via Trunomi’s “My Data Portal”, giving customers improved visibility and control. As SOTER progresses, Trunomi is uniquely placed in being able to improve visibility and prove compliance with existing and future Global Data Privacy Regulations for the full lifecycle of the project


Shawn Brown
Chief Executive Officer

Kartik Venkatesh
Chief Technology Officer

Carl Prescott
Head of Pre-Sales

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